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**New Additions:**
Added Player Can Attack and Player Can Not Attack unit conditions to Nameplate Style Filters.
Added Cutaway Health and Power (when appropriate) to all of the unitframes. It is disabled by default.
**Bug Fixes:**
Fixed Essences on Hearth of Azeroth showing incorrectly on the character page (similar to gems).
......@@ -12,6 +13,8 @@ Fixed the displaying of incorrect auras on Nameplates when StyleFilter "Name Onl
Fixed Battleground map position saving. (#831)
**Misc. Changes:**
Module initialization and skin registration is now handled by xpcall providing better debug stacks for us to investigate and fix problems. As such, directly using :Initialize to initialize modules is no longer deprecated,
and S:RegisterSkin has returned as the preferred method for registering a skin.
### Version 11.18 [ July 9th 2019 ]
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