Commit 947b8425 authored by Simpy's avatar Simpy 🐹

update cl again, missed a couple

parent 532519d6
......@@ -10,10 +10,12 @@ Bag Bar: Fixed scaling and backdrop weirdness.
Nameplate: Fixed ClassPower SetPoint error.
**Misc. Changes:**
Added an API file to Core folder and moved a decent amount of code from the Core file into here.
Updated various parts of Bag, Bag Sort, and Bag Bar code.
Blizzard Bags Skin: Show and skinned the bag icons.
Blizzard Bags Skin: Skinned the Auto Sort button.
Bag Bar: Lowered the min button spacing to -1.
Make sure we only attempt to skin addons with RegisterSkin, which are finished loading.
### Version 11.19 [ July 22nd 2019 ]
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