Commit 3da6c5e9 authored by Simpy's avatar Simpy 🐹


parent 1a4ef7b6
# Version 11.47 [ ETA: 🍨 ]
UI: Talent tooltips were showing ID twice.
UI: Spellbook spells should work in combat without tainting now, this might fix other taint issues as well.
UnitFrames: Party Target settings were effecting Party settings, not the Party Target settings. (#1930)
Datatexts: Tooltips were hanging around during combat when they weren't supposed to.
Datatexts: Fixed tooltip hopping from one location to another on some datatexts.
Minimap: Datatext bar offset for non-thin border theme corrected. (#1925)
Minimap: Reset Zoom setting should apply correctly again.
Config: Profile and Private confirmation popup was sometimes displaying incorrectly.
Locales: Updated Translations for Portuguese (Thanks to @Aleczk) and French (Thanks to @Pristie).
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