Commit 73827a17 authored by Alecsander Camilo's avatar Alecsander Camilo

Minor Typo in English = Transtion -> Transition

parent 95c7022a
......@@ -851,8 +851,8 @@ L["Number of repeat characters while in combat before the chat editbox is automa
L["Number of time in seconds to scroll down to the bottom of the chat window if you are not scrolled down completely."] = true
L["Objective Frame Height"] = true
L["Off Cooldown"] = true
L["Off Tank Bad Transtion"] = true
L["Off Tank Good Transtion"] = true
L["Off Tank Bad Transition"] = true
L["Off Tank Good Transition"] = true
L["Off Tank"] = true
L["Offset of the powerbar to the healthbar, set to 0 to disable."] = true
L["Offset position for text."] = true
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