Commit cec47133 authored by Simpy's avatar Simpy 🐹

actually dont need this because i prevent it from using the other tooltip

parent a7047671
......@@ -1180,15 +1180,7 @@ end
function AB:Initialize()
AB.db = E.db.actionbar
if not E.private.actionbar.enable then
-- this is used by TT:MODIFIER_STATE_CHANGED to safely show the Spell ID in combat
for i = 1, SPELLS_PER_PAGE do
_G['SpellButton'..i]:HookScript('OnLeave', AB.SpellButtonOnLeave)
if not E.private.actionbar.enable then return end
AB.Initialized = true
LAB.RegisterCallback(AB, "OnButtonUpdate", AB.LAB_ButtonUpdate)
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