Verified Commit 339ef63a authored by Repooc's avatar Repooc

fix GetQuestLogSelection as api changed

parent a294fc40
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ local GetNumFactions = _G.GetNumFactions
local GetNumQuestLogRewardFactions = _G.GetNumQuestLogRewardFactions
local GetQuestLogRewardFactionInfo = _G.GetQuestLogRewardFactionInfo
local GetQuestLogTitle = _G.GetQuestLogTitle
local GetQuestLogSelection = _G.GetQuestLogSelection
local GetQuestLogSelection = _G.C_QuestLog.GetSelectedQuest()
local GetNumQuestLogChoices = _G.GetNumQuestLogChoices
local GetNumQuestChoices = _G.GetNumQuestChoices
local UnitAura = _G.UnitAura
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