Verified Commit 86e4e9df authored by Repooc's avatar Repooc

remove SLE comp check for SMB

parent 315c7a04
......@@ -632,16 +632,6 @@ function SMB:Initialize()
if PA.ElvUI and PA.SLE and _G.ElvUI[1].private.sle.minimap and _G.ElvUI[1].private.sle.minimap.mapicons.enable then
_G.StaticPopupDialogs.PROJECTAZILROKA.text = 'Square Minimap Buttons and S&L MiniMap Buttons are incompatible. You will have to choose one. This will reload the interface.'
_G.StaticPopupDialogs.PROJECTAZILROKA.button1 = 'Square Minimap Buttons'
_G.StaticPopupDialogs.PROJECTAZILROKA.button2 = 'S&L MiniMap Buttons'
_G.StaticPopupDialogs.PROJECTAZILROKA.OnAccept = function() _G.ElvUI[1].private.sle.minimap.mapicons.enable = false _G.ReloadUI() end
_G.StaticPopupDialogs.PROJECTAZILROKA.OnCancel = function() SMB.db.Enable = false end
SMB.isEnabled = true
SMB.Hider = CreateFrame("Frame", nil, _G.UIParent)
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