Commit d130f116 authored by Azilroka's avatar Azilroka 💬
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parent bcdf160c
......@@ -380,6 +380,8 @@ function MXP:UpdateCurrentBars()
function MXP:SendMessage()
if not IsPlayerInWorld() then return end
if MXP.db.Party and IsInGroup(LE_PARTY_CATEGORY_HOME) and not IsInRaid() then
local message = format('%s:%s:%d:%s:%s:%d:%d:%d:%d:%d:%d:%d', MXP.playerRealm, PA.MyClass or UnitClass('player'), CurrentLevel or UnitLevel('player'), tostring(IsPlayerAtEffectiveMaxLevel()), tostring(IsXPUserDisabled()), CurrentXP or 0, XPToLevel or 0, RestedXP or 0, QuestLogXP or 0, ZoneQuestXP or 0, CompletedQuestXP or 0)
C_ChatInfo.SendAddonMessage('PA_MXP', message, 'PARTY')
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