Commit 5220a4e6 authored by Rainrider's avatar Rainrider

core: update the frame units upon UNIT_EXITING_VEHICLE

UNIT_EXITED_VEHICLE does not fire sometimes
parent e6562f11
......@@ -257,6 +257,7 @@ local function initObject(unit, style, styleFunc, header, ...)
if(not (suffix == 'target' or objectUnit and objectUnit:match('target'))) then
object:RegisterEvent('UNIT_ENTERED_VEHICLE', updateActiveUnit)
object:RegisterEvent('UNIT_EXITED_VEHICLE', updateActiveUnit)
object:RegisterEvent('UNIT_EXITING_VEHICLE', updateActiveUnit)
-- We don't need to register UNIT_PET for the player unit. We register it
-- mainly because UNIT_EXITED_VEHICLE and UNIT_ENTERED_VEHICLE doesn't always
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