Commit 9e7d67c8 authored by Benik's avatar Benik

logo size

parent 5ffc53c8
......@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ local function Core()
type = 'description',
name = L['BenikUI is a completely external ElvUI mod. More available options can be found in ElvUI options (e.g. Actionbars, Unitframes, Player and Target Portraits), marked with ']..BUI:cOption(L['light blue color.']),
fontSize = 'medium',
image = function() return 'Interface\\AddOns\\ElvUI_BenikUI_Classic\\media\\textures\\logo_benikui.tga', 256, 64 end,
image = function() return 'Interface\\AddOns\\ElvUI_BenikUI_Classic\\media\\textures\\logo_benikui.tga', 384, 96 end,
install = {
order = 3,
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