Commit 970403b8 authored by Blazeflack's avatar Blazeflack

Initial upload of empty framework

## Interface: 60200
## Author: Blazeflack
## Version: 1.00
## Title: |cff1784d1ElvUI|r |cff4beb2cCustomTags|r
## Notes: A collection of custom unitframe tags requested by users.
## RequiredDeps: ElvUI
## DefaultState: enabled
\ No newline at end of file
--Add access to ElvUI engine and unitframe framework
local E = unpack(ElvUI);
local ElvUF = ElvUI.oUF
assert(ElvUF, "ElvUI was unable to locate oUF.")
--Cache global variables
--Lua functions
local _G = _G
local unpack, pairs = unpack, pairs
local twipe = table.wipe
local ceil, sqrt, floor = math.ceil, math.sqrt, math.floor
local format = string.format
Add custom tags below this block
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