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== <<center>><<color #4beb2c>>**Description**<</color>><</center>> ==
This AddOn packs all previous requests for custom tweaks into a single package. It is easier to maintain and it is easier to use, a win win situation. It is meant to be a consolidation of all user requested tweaks, giving you, as a user, a way to have your UI working exactly like you want it to.
Every tweak is disabled by default, forcing you, the user, to decide which tweaks you would like to use and thereby eliminate any unwanted changes. Some tweaks come with customizable options, while others are of a nature where they don't need any options.
As a rule of thumb, I try to provide options for any changes the tweak is making, where warranted, giving you 100% control over every tweak.
== <<center>><<color #4beb2c>>**Bug Reports**<</color>><</center>> ==
Please submit bug reports in the issue tracker: [[|Click!]].
When submitting a bug report, please use a descriptive title and include the following information:
* Version number of ElvUI CustomTweaks (the actual number, "latest version" is not a version number).
* Whether you have ruled out conflicts with other AddOns by disabling everything except "ElvUI", "ElvUI Config" and "ElvUI CustomTweaks".
* Usually a picture is worth a thousand words, so include one unless the issue cannot be seen in the screenshot.
* Make sure you include the error you are receiving, if any. You only want to focus on the very first error you get if there are more than one, so make sure to press that "Previous" button until you reach the first error.
== <<center>><<color #4beb2c>>**Requests**<</color>><</center>> ==
Please submit new requests in the issue tracker: [[|Click!]].
When submitting a request, please use a descriptive title and include the following information:
* What part of ElvUI you want to modify.
* How you want it to behave in comparison to how it is behaving now.
== <<center>><<color #4beb2c>>**Current Tweaks**<</color>><</center>> ==
* **<<color #4beb2c>>AFKPetModel<</color>>:** Allows you to specify a pet to be shown on the ElvUI AFK screen.
* **<<color #4beb2c>>AuraIconSpacing<</color>>:** Allows you to set a spacing between individual aura icons for the units you choose.
* **<<color #4beb2c>>AuraIconText<</color>>:** Allows you to position and change color and alpha of castbar text.
* **<<color #4beb2c>>BagButtons<</color>>:** Allows you to change bag buttons to use the classic texture style and allows you to add a 'Stack' button.
* **<<color #4beb2c>>BagsTextFormat<</color>>:** Allows you to choose which text format the Bags datatext uses.
* **<<color #4beb2c>>ButtonSpacingLimits<</color>>:** Changes the minimum and maximum allowed actionbar button spacing.
* **<<color #4beb2c>>CastbarCustomBackdrop<</color>>:** Allows you to use a custom castbar backdrop color.
* **<<color #4beb2c>>CastbarText<</color>>:** Allows you to position or hide castbar text.
* **<<color #4beb2c>>CBEnhanced<</color>>:** Makes the Consolidated Buffs frame movable and provides some configuration options.
* **<<color #4beb2c>>ChatMaxLines<</color>>:** Increases the amount of messages saved in a chat window, before they get replaced by new messages.
* **<<color #4beb2c>>ClickThroughActionBars<</color>>:** Allows you to make actionbars clickthrough.
* **<<color #4beb2c>>GameMenuConfigButton<</color>>:** Adds an ElvUI Config button to the Game Menu (ESC).
* **<<color #4beb2c>>MinimapSizeLimits<</color>>:** Lowers the minimum allowed minimap size.
* **<<color #4beb2c>>NoBorders<</color>>:** Attempts to remove borders on all ElvUI elements. **NOTE:** This doesn't work on some statusbars.
* **<<color #4beb2c>>PowerBarTexture<</color>>:** Allows you to use a separate texture for unitframe power bars.
* **<<color #4beb2c>>PushedColor<</color>>:** Allows you to choose the color of the actionbar button when it is pushed down.
* **<<color #4beb2c>>RaidControl<</color>>:** Allows you to change template of the Raid Control button or hide it altogether.
* **<<color #4beb2c>>RoleIconOffset<</color>>:** Allows you to precisely position role icons on unitframes.
* **<<color #4beb2c>>SeparateAuras<</color>>:** Allows you to enable and disable Buffs and Debuffs individually, keeping one active while the other is disabled.
* **<<color #4beb2c>>UnitFrameSpacingLimits<</color>>:** Increases the maximum allowed vertical and horizontal spacing for party and raid frames.
== <<color #4beb2c>>**Credit**<</color>> ==
[[|Azilroka]] and [[|Benik]] have both contributed tweaks to this collection.
== <<color #4beb2c>>**I like your work, how can I show my appreciation?**<</color>> ==
Feel free to [[|buy me a soda]] or simply add a comment about your experience with my work :)
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