Commit 8e88c886 authored by Blazeflack's avatar Blazeflack

Removed GameMenuConfigButton tweak, as this button is now part of stock ElvUI.

parent bafe3fe1
local E, L, V, P, G = unpack(ElvUI)
if not E.private["CustomTweaks"] or not E.private["CustomTweaks"]["GameMenuConfigButton"] then return end;
local S = E:GetModule("Skins")
local CT = E:GetModule("CustomTweaks")
--Cache global variables
local HideUIPanel = HideUIPanel
-- GLOBALS: GameMenuFrame, GameMenuButtonUIOptions
local ConfigButton = CreateFrame("Button", "ConfigButton", GameMenuFrame, "GameMenuButtonTemplate")
ConfigButton:Size(GameMenuButtonUIOptions:GetWidth(), GameMenuButtonUIOptions:GetHeight())
ConfigButton:Point("TOP", GameMenuButtonUIOptions, "BOTTOM", 0 , -1)
ConfigButton:SetText("|cff1784d1ElvUI Config|r")
local function OpenConfig()
E:ToggleConfig() HideUIPanel(GameMenuFrame)
ConfigButton:SetScript("OnClick", OpenConfig)
if E.private.skins.blizzard.enable == true and E.private.skins.blizzard.misc == true then
local function ResizeGameMenu()
GameMenuFrame:Height(GameMenuFrame:GetHeight() + GameMenuButtonUIOptions:GetHeight())
GameMenuFrame:HookScript("OnShow", ResizeGameMenu)
GameMenuButtonKeybindings:Point("TOP", ConfigButton, "BOTTOM", 0, -1)
\ No newline at end of file
<Ui xmlns="">
<Script file='AFKPetModel.lua'/>
<Script file='GameMenuConfigButton.lua'/>
<Script file='NoBorders.lua'/>
<Script file='RaidControl.lua'/>
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -37,7 +37,6 @@ local Tweaks = {
["Misc"] = {
{"RaidControl", L["Allows you to change template of the Raid Control button or hide it altogether."]},
{"GameMenuConfigButton", L["Adds an ElvUI Config button to the Game Menu (ESC)."]},
{"AFKPetModel", L["Allows you to specify a pet to be shown on the ElvUI AFK screen."]},
{"NoBorders", L["Attempts to remove borders on all ElvUI elements. This doesn't work on all statusbars, so some borders will be kept intact."]},
......@@ -52,9 +51,6 @@ local Tweaks = {
local Authors = {
{"Azilroka", {
{"Benik", {
......@@ -9,7 +9,6 @@ L["%s version %s by Blazeflack of"] = true;
L["Actionbar Tweaks"] = true;
L["Add 'Stack' Button"] = true;
L["AddOn Description / Download"] = true;
L["Adds an ElvUI Config button to the Game Menu (ESC)."] = true;
L["Allows you to change bag buttons to use the classic texture style and allows you to add a 'Stack' button."] = true;
L["Allows you to change template of the Raid Control button or hide it altogether."] = true;
L["Allows you to choose the color of the actionbar button when it is pushed down."] = true;
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