Commit e1581eeb authored by Blazeflack's avatar Blazeflack

Removed .PostUpdate override in AuraIconSpacing as it is no longer necessary

parent e6c90df5
......@@ -78,23 +78,12 @@ end
CT.Configs["AuraIconSpacing"] = ConfigTable
if not isEnabled then return; end
local function OnPostUpdateAura(self, unit, button)
local size = button:GetParent().size
if size then
button:SetSize(size, size) --:Size() uses E:Scale() which causes overlapping borders
hooksecurefunc(UF, "PostUpdateAura", OnPostUpdateAura)
--Set spacing between individual aura icons and update PostUpdateIcon
local function SetAuraSpacingAndUpdate(unitframe, unitName, auraSpacing)
if not unitframe.Buffs and not unitframe.Debuffs then return; end
if unitframe.Buffs then
unitframe.Buffs.spacing = auraSpacing
--Reset PostUpdateIcon so it includes our hook
unitframe.Buffs.PostUpdateIcon = nil
unitframe.Buffs.PostUpdateIcon = UF.PostUpdateAura
--Update internal aura settings
if unitframe.db then
UF:Configure_Auras(unitframe, "Buffs")
......@@ -102,8 +91,6 @@ local function SetAuraSpacingAndUpdate(unitframe, unitName, auraSpacing)
if unitframe.Debuffs then
unitframe.Debuffs.spacing = auraSpacing
unitframe.Debuffs.PostUpdateIcon = nil
unitframe.Debuffs.PostUpdateIcon = UF.PostUpdateAura
if unitframe.db then
UF:Configure_Auras(unitframe, "Debuffs")
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