Commit b96ae696 authored by NihilisticPandemonium's avatar NihilisticPandemonium

Fix after Simpy madness.

parent d8c9baa4
......@@ -3,18 +3,18 @@ local ElvUISkins = ElvUI[1]:GetModule("Skins")
local E = unpack(ElvUI)
--Update Icon on bag slot
local function UpdateSlot(self, bagID, slotID)
local function UpdateSlot(_, self, bagID, slotID)
if (self.Bags[bagID] and self.Bags[bagID].numSlots ~= GetContainerNumSlots(bagID)) or not self.Bags[bagID] or not self.Bags[bagID][slotID] then
local slot = self.Bags[bagID][slotID]
local link = GetContainerItemLink(bagID, slotID);
local id
if link then
id = tonumber(strmatch(link, 'item:(%d+)'))
if slot.JunkIcon then
if id and Scrap:IsJunk(id, bagID, slotID) then
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ end
local function SetHooks()
hooksecurefunc(Scrap, 'VARIABLES_LOADED', UpdateBags)
hooksecurefunc(Scrap, 'ToggleJunk', UpdateBags)
Scrap.HasSpotlight = true
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