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**1.47, September 25th 2015**
* [CHG] Changing settings no longer requires a reload to take effect.
**1.46, July 14th 2015**
* Update ToC for patch 6.2.
**1.45, February 25th 2015**
* Update ToC for patch 6.1.
**1.44, November 4th 2014**
* [FIX] Prevent error caused by ElvUI creating a duplicate empty icon when using temp. enchants.
**1.43, October 14th 2014**
* Bump toc for patch 6.0.2
**1.42, May 8th 2014**
* [NEW] Add options which allows the user to choose which texture to use for statusbar and backdrop, if any.
* [NEW] Add option which allows the user to choose which color to use for statusbar backdrops.
**1.41, April 16th 2014**
* [FIX] Issue with debuff statusbar borders being darker than the icon border has been fixed.
**1.40, April 16th 2014**
* [NEW] Add spacing option to statusbars which allows the user to in-/decrease the space between icon and statusbar.
**1.39, January 18th 2014**
* [FIX] Fix error with temporary weapon enchants.
**1.38, January 18th 2014**
* [NEW] Options which allows the user to customize color of text based timers have been added.
* [NEW] Option which allows the user to control when an aura goes into decimal form has been added.
* [NEW] Add native support for the ExactAuras addon. Additional color settings are available for the timer format that addon provides.
**1.37, December 4th 2013**
* [NEW] Add option to choose position of the statusbar (Top, Bottom, Left, Right).
* [NEW] Add option to change statusbar width (when position is set to Left or Right)
* [CHG] Re-arrange the GUI a little bit.
**1.36, September 17th 2013**
* [FIX] Fix a bug which caused auras to not turn to text based timers when duration went below the set threshold.
**1.35, September 10th 2013**
* [NEW] Option added which allows you to choose a static color for the statusbars.
**1.34, August 26th 2013**
* [CHG] Rewritten for ElvUI v6.24.
* [CHG] No longer forces text based timers to be hidden since they can be moved in ElvUI.
**1.33, June 2nd 2013**
* [CHG] Remove plugin header with information about me and my plugins.
* [CHG] Increase default Text Threshold for debuffs to 10 seconds.
* [FIX] The Statusbar Height option now also affects Temporary Enchants.
1.32: Fix error when swapping a weapon with a temporary enchant on it for a weapon with no temporary enchant.
1.31: Add option to control the height of the statusbar and bump TOC for patch 5.3.
1.30: Information update, locales updated, bump TOC.
1.29: Information update, bump TOC.
1.28: Remove LibElvUIPlugin-1.0 library which is now included with ElvUI. Update recommended!
1.27: Update LibElvUIPlugin-1.0 library. Fixes a bug. Updating is recommended!
1.26: Update LibElvUIPlugin-1.0 library.
1.25: Config has been rewritten to make use of the new LibElvUIPlugin-1.0 library.
1.23: Bug fixes.
1.22: Fix lua error, tweak size and position of statusbar, toc bump for 5.1.
1.21: Preparation for the new PixelPerfect mode in ElvUI.
1.2: Added option to set threshold for buffs, debuffs and temporary enchants separately.
1.12: Locale update.
1.11: Fix lua error when logging in with temporary enchant active.
1.1: Added option to disable status bar for auras with no duration. Added option to allow status bar timers to turn into text if duration goes below user defined threshold.
1.0: Initial upload.
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