Commit 5e995132 authored by Blazeflack's avatar Blazeflack

Added popup information about VAT features having moved to ElvUI

parent a5938350
......@@ -457,7 +457,21 @@ function VAT:UpdateTimerColors()
VAT.IndicatorColors[0] = E:RGBToHex(c2.r, c2.g, c2.b)
text = "The current release of ElvUI, and all future releases, includes the features from VisualAuraTimers. As such you can remove the addon VisualAuraTimers from your AddOns folder.",
OnAccept = E.noop,
button1 = OKAY,
whileDead = 1,
hideOnEscape = false
function VAT:Initialize()
--Retail ElvUI v11.25 and Classic ElvUI v1.16 includes VAT features
if ((WOW_PROJECT_ID == WOW_PROJECT_MAINLINE and tonumber(E.version) >= 11.25) or tonumber(E.version) >= 1.16) then
-- Register callback with LibElvUIPlugin
EP:RegisterPlugin(addon, VAT.InsertOptions)
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