Commit 3f3df7e3 authored by Bloodline's avatar Bloodline

Added Classic Guild Frame skinning

Classic guild frame is an addon that reverts the new communities interface to the old guild UI with the chat tab embedded into it. This change skins the tabs created by the addon to match ElvUI.
parent 859b21e8
local AS = unpack(AddOnSkins)
if not AS:CheckAddOn('ClassicGuildFrame') then return end
function AS:ClassicGuildFrame()
for i = 1, 6 do
AS:UnregisterSkinEvent('ClassicGuildFrame', 'ADDON_LOADED')
AS:RegisterSkin('ClassicGuildFrame', AS.ClassicGuildFrame, 'ADDON_LOADED')
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -29,6 +29,7 @@
<Script file="BuyEmAll.lua"/>
<Script file="Capping.lua"/>
<Script file="ChocolateBar.lua"/>
<Script file="ClassicGuildFrame.lua"/>
<Script file="ClassicQuestLog.lua"/>
<Script file="ClassOrderHallsComplete.lua"/>
<Script file="Clique.lua"/>
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