Commit 7b16fc25 authored by Azilroka's avatar Azilroka

API & Talents

parent ca95ad98
......@@ -910,7 +910,7 @@ function AS:FindChildFrameBySize(parent, objType, width, height)
for id, child in pairs(childs) do
if not child:GetName() then
if not objType or (objType and child:IsObjectType(objType)) then
if AS:Round(child:GetWidth()) == width and AS:Round(child:GetHeight()) == width then
if AS:Round(child:GetWidth()) == width and AS:Round(child:GetHeight()) == height then
frame, childID = child, id
......@@ -244,10 +244,7 @@ function AS:Blizzard_Talent(event, addon)
PvpTalentFrame.TalentList:SetPoint("BOTTOMLEFT", PlayerTalentFrame, "BOTTOMRIGHT", 5, 26)
PlayerTalentFrameTalents.PvpTalentFrame.TalentList.CloseButton = AS:FindChildFrameBySize(PlayerTalentFrameTalents.PvpTalentFrame.TalentList, 'Button', 100, 22)
if PlayerTalentFrameTalents.PvpTalentFrame.TalentList.CloseButton then
AS:SkinButton(PlayerTalentFrameTalents.PvpTalentFrame.TalentList.CloseButton, true)
AS:SkinButton(AS:FindChildFrameBySize(PlayerTalentFrameTalents.PvpTalentFrame.TalentList, 'Button', 100, 22), true)
for _, Button in pairs(PvpTalentFrame.TalentList.ScrollFrame.buttons) do
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