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### Version 11.12 [ ]
**Important Changes:**
ElvUI_Config has been renamed to ElvUI_OptionsUI.
**New Additions:**
Added options to invert the CastBar, AuraBars, and Power colors on UnitFrames status bars when in transparent mode; as well as added custom backdrop options for these status bars.
Added custom backdrop for ClassBars on UnitFrames.
Added nameplate friendly npc option "always show" this is used to toggle npc nameplates using blizzards setting; so that they can go into blizzard name-only mode.
Added Glimmer of Light to the Paladin BuffIndicator.
Addeed Gale Slash to RaidDebuffs.
**Bug Fixes:**
Fixed Style Filter Class Trigger. (#1310)
......@@ -11,14 +16,20 @@ Fixed error: attempt to index field 'CompactUnitFrameProfilesNewProfileDialog'.
Fixed double player nameplate when changing specific settings in the config. (#1316)
Fixed player nameplate not fading in when hovered.
Fixed the portrait and health backdrop bleeding on UnitFrames health when they fade on range, specifically for BuG.
Fixed StyleFilter error line 305: attempt to index locale 'auras' (a nil value).
Fixed error - StyleFilter 305: attempt to index locale 'auras' (a nil value).
Fixed error - StyleFilter 1071: attempt to index field 'cooldowns' (a nil value).
Fixed error - Nameplates 627: Attempt to access forbidden object from code tainted by an AddOn.
Fixed bind mode for extra action button.
Fixed skin for invite role check boxes.
**Misc. Changes:**
Added an option to allow the portrait on UnitFrames to truely overlay the health, including the backdrop.
Reworked some of the general Nameplate config settings so it's hopefully more clear and easy to use.
Removed the Nameplate Name Visibilty settings because this just caused some confusion.
Disabled Boss Style Filter again by default. (Sorry for this everyone <3)
Tweaked the default ElvUI_NonTarget StyleFilter, so that it will not fade out the player plate when targeting something.
Various minor performance improvements.
Cutaway health on Nameplates is back! :D
### Version 11.11 [ May 14th 2019 ]
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