Commit 24fbb39d authored by Merathilis's avatar Merathilis
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Update german locales. And blame Darth for replacing my translated strings -.-

parent 9b003042
......@@ -432,15 +432,15 @@ L["Normal"] = true
L["Reversed"] = "Umgekehrt"
L["Amount"] = "Anzahl"
L["Order of each toon. Smaller numbers will go first"] = "Anordnung von jedem Twink. Kleiner Zahlen werden zu erst angezeigt."
L["Tracked"] = true
L["Tracked"] = "Verfolgt"
--Enhnced Shadows
L["Enhanced Shadows"] = "Erweiterte Schatten"
L["Use shadows on..."] = "Benutze Schatten auf..."
L["SLE_EnhShadows_BarButtons_Option"] = "Bar %s Buttons"
L["SLE_EnhShadows_MicroButtons_Option"] = "Microbar Buttons"
L["SLE_EnhShadows_StanceButtons_Option"] = "Stance Bar Buttons"
L["SLE_EnhShadows_PetButtons_Option"] = "Pet Bar Buttons"
L["SLE_EnhShadows_BarButtons_Option"] = "Leiste %s Tasten"
L["SLE_EnhShadows_MicroButtons_Option"] = "Microbar Tasten"
L["SLE_EnhShadows_StanceButtons_Option"] = "Haltungsleistentasten"
L["SLE_EnhShadows_PetButtons_Option"] = "Begleitertasten"
--Equip Manager
L["Equipment Manager"] = "Ausrüstungsmanager"
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