Verified Commit 91362a09 authored by Repooc's avatar Repooc

Fix for #306

Needs some testing but due to Blizzard getting DDOS'd, it was hard to really test
parent fd013866
......@@ -232,16 +232,19 @@ local function ChatPanels()
local function SetDataPanelStyle()
local transparent = E.db.datatexts.panelTransparency and "Transparent" or nil
local template = E.db.datatexts.panelBackdrop and transparent or "NoBackdrop"
local miniStyle = E.db.datatexts.panelTransparency and "Transparent" or nil
local panelStyle = (not E.db.datatexts.panelBackdrop) and "NoBackdrop" or miniStyle
_G.LeftChatDataPanel:SetTemplate(template, true)
_G.LeftChatToggleButton:SetTemplate(template, true)
_G.RightChatDataPanel:SetTemplate(template, true)
_G.RightChatToggleButton:SetTemplate(template, true)
local miniGlossTex = (not miniStyle and true) or nil
local panelGlossTex = (not panelStyle and true) or nil
_G.LeftMiniPanel:SetTemplate(transparent, true)
_G.RightMiniPanel:SetTemplate(transparent, true)
_G.LeftChatDataPanel:SetTemplate(panelStyle, panelGlossTex)
_G.LeftChatToggleButton:SetTemplate(panelStyle, panelGlossTex)
_G.RightChatDataPanel:SetTemplate(panelStyle, panelGlossTex)
_G.RightChatToggleButton:SetTemplate(panelStyle, panelGlossTex)
_G.LeftMiniPanel:SetTemplate(miniStyle, miniGlossTex)
_G.RightMiniPanel:SetTemplate(miniStyle, miniGlossTex)
local function CreateChatPanels()
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