Commit 17bb4412 authored by Azilroka's avatar Azilroka
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UnitFrames - Party Fix

parent eb731b51
......@@ -827,7 +827,7 @@ function UF:CreateHeader(parent, groupFilter, overrideName, template, groupName,
local header = ElvUF:SpawnHeader(overrideName, headerTemplate, nil,
'oUF-initialConfigFunction', format('self:SetWidth(%d); self:SetHeight(%d);', db.width, db.height),
'groupFilter', groupFilter, 'showParty', true, 'showRaid', true, 'showSolo', true,
'groupFilter', groupFilter, 'showParty', true, 'showRaid', group ~= 'party', 'showSolo', true,
template and 'template', template
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