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actually handle clearing the style filter from the plate when it's removed....

actually handle clearing the style filter from the plate when it's removed. clearing only the variables will prevent it from being "reset" from the style filter.
i still need to test this
parent dd0f9712
......@@ -517,6 +517,7 @@ function mod:NAME_PLATE_UNIT_REMOVED(_, unit, frame)
frame.unitFrame.HealthBar.r, frame.unitFrame.HealthBar.g, frame.unitFrame.HealthBar.b = nil, nil, nil
......@@ -555,22 +556,7 @@ function mod:NAME_PLATE_UNIT_REMOVED(_, unit, frame)
frame.unitFrame.isBeingTanked = nil
frame.unitFrame.ThreatScale = nil
frame.unitFrame.ThreatData = nil
--StyleFilter Variables
frame.unitFrame.StyleFilterWaitTime = nil
frame.unitFrame.StyleChanged = nil
--StyleFilter Actions
frame.unitFrame.VisibilityChanged = nil
frame.unitFrame.FrameLevelChanged = nil
frame.unitFrame.HealthColorChanged = nil
frame.unitFrame.BorderChanged = nil
frame.unitFrame.FlashingHealth = nil
frame.unitFrame.TextureChanged = nil
frame.unitFrame.ScaleChanged = nil
frame.unitFrame.AlphaChanged = nil
frame.unitFrame.NameColorChanged = nil
frame.unitFrame.PortraitShown = nil
frame.unitFrame.NameOnlyChanged = nil
if self.ClassBar and (unitType == "PLAYER") then
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