Commit 85a39c1f authored by Merathilis's avatar Merathilis
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Make sure my db exists here.

parent adc30ead
......@@ -136,7 +136,8 @@ function module:Illusion_OnLeave()
function module:UpdatePaperDoll()
if not E.db.mui.armory.enable then return end
module.db = E.db.mui.armory
if not module.db.enable then return end
local unit = "player"
if not unit then return end
......@@ -227,6 +228,8 @@ function module:InitialUpdatePaperDoll()
function module:BuildInformation()
module.db = E.db.mui.armory
for id, slotName in pairs(slotIDs) do
if not id then return end
......@@ -323,10 +326,10 @@ function module:firstGarrisonToast()
function module:Initialize()
local db = E.db.mui.armory
module.db = E.db.mui.armory
MER:RegisterDB(self, "armory")
if not db.enable or E.private.skins.blizzard.character ~= true then return end
if not module.db.enable or E.private.skins.blizzard.character ~= true then return end
if (IsAddOnLoaded("ElvUI_SLE") and E.db.sle.Armory.Character.Enable) then return end
if not E.db.general.itemLevel.displayCharacterInfo then return end
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