Verified Commit d18beaf2 authored by Merathilis's avatar Merathilis

this should fix the armory error

parent 56c62261
local MER, E, L, V, P, G = unpack(select(2, ...))
local module = MER:NewModule('MERArmory', 'AceEvent-3.0', 'AceTimer-3.0', 'AceHook-3.0')
local LCG = LibStub('LibCustomGlow-1.0')
local COMP = MER:GetModule("mUICompatibility")
local LSM = E.LSM or E.Libs.LSM
if IsAddOnLoaded("ElvUI_SLE") then return end
-- Cache global variables
-- Lua functions
......@@ -296,7 +296,7 @@ function module:Initialize()
MER:RegisterDB(self, "armory")
if not module.db.enable or E.private.skins.blizzard.character ~= true then return end
if (IsAddOnLoaded("ElvUI_SLE") and E.db.sle.Armory.Character.Enable) then return end
if (COMP.SLE and E.db.sle.armory.character.enable) then return end
if not E.db.general.itemLevel.displayCharacterInfo then return end
module:RegisterEvent("UPDATE_INVENTORY_DURABILITY", "UpdatePaperDoll", false)
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