Commit 9431ac19 authored by Clutch's avatar Clutch
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skin LibSimpleFrame-Mod-1.0

This adds support for NauticusClassic and any other addons that use the library.
parent eb3e0cdd
......@@ -224,6 +224,15 @@ function AS:SkinLibraries()
end, 0)
local LSF = LibStub("LibSimpleFrame-Mod-1.0", true)
if LSF then
for name, frame in pairs(LSF.registry) do
frame.SetBackdropColor = AS.Noop
frame.SetBackdropBorderColor = AS.Noop
local LQT = LibStub("LibQTip-1.0", true)
if LQT then
hooksecurefunc(LQT, 'Acquire', function()
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