Commit 38205df5 authored by Benik's avatar Benik

These DTs shouldn't be styled

parent 77816c87
......@@ -2,6 +2,8 @@ local BUI, E, L, V, P, G = unpack(select(2, ...))
local DT = E:GetModule('DataTexts')
local mod = BUI:NewModule('DataTexts', 'AceEvent-3.0');
local blacklist = panelName == _G.LocPlusLeftDT or panelName == _G.LocPlusRightDT or panelName == _G.MinimapPanel or panelName == _G.LeftChatDataPanel or panelName == _G.RightChatDataPanel
function mod:BuildPanelFrame(name, db)
db = db or[name] or DT:Panel_DefaultGlobalSettings(name)
......@@ -13,11 +15,8 @@ function mod:UpdatePanelInfo(panelName, panel, ...)
if not panel then panel = DT.RegisteredPanels[panelName] end
local db = panel.db or P.datatexts.panels[panelName] and DT.db.panels[panelName]
if not db then return end
-- don't mess with LocationPlus
local locPanel = BUI.LP and panelName == 'LocPlusLeftDT' or panelName == 'LocPlusRightDT'
if not locPanel then
if not blacklist then
if db.benikuiStyle then
if then
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