Commit d0328acf authored by Maximvs's avatar Maximvs
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Update Gui.lua

parent 62167c75
......@@ -2145,9 +2145,9 @@ local Raid = function(self)
Window:CreateSwitch("Raid", "DebuffWatch", "Display dispellable debuffs")
Window:CreateSwitch("Raid", "VerticalHealth", "Enable vertical health")
Window:CreateSwitch("Raid", "DesaturateNonPlayerBuffs", "Displays other players buffs grayscaled")
Window:CreateDropdown("Raid", "RaidBuffs", "Show buff on raid frames")
Window:CreateDropdown("Raid", "GroupBy", "Set raid grouping")
Window:CreateSlider("Raid", "RangeAlpha", "Set out of range alpha", 0, 1, 0.1)
Window:CreateSlider("Raid", "MaxUnitPerColumn", "Set max units per column", 1, 15, 1)
......@@ -2159,7 +2159,6 @@ local Raid = function(self)
Window:CreateDropdown("Raid", "Font", "Set raid font", "Font")
Window:CreateDropdown("Raid", "HealthFont", "Set raid health font", "Font")
Window:CreateDropdown("Raid", "GroupBy", "Set raid grouping")
local Tooltips = function(self)
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