Commit 063436c5 authored by Simpy's avatar Simpy 🐹

tweak AutoInvite

parent 9402b466
......@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@ local IsActiveBattlefieldArena = IsActiveBattlefieldArena
local IsAddOnLoaded = IsAddOnLoaded
local IsArenaSkirmish = IsArenaSkirmish
local IsGuildMember = IsGuildMember
local IsCharacterFriend = IsCharacterFriend
local IsInGroup, IsInRaid = IsInGroup, IsInRaid
local IsPartyLFG, IsInInstance = IsPartyLFG, IsInInstance
local IsShiftKeyDown = IsShiftKeyDown
......@@ -180,21 +181,22 @@ function M:PVPMessageEnhancement(_, msg)
local hideStatic = false;
local hideStatic
function M:AutoInvite(event, _, _, _, _, _, _, inviterGUID)
if not E.db.general.autoAcceptInvite then return; end
if not (E.db.general.autoAcceptInvite and inviterGUID and inviterGUID ~= "") then return end
if event == "PARTY_INVITE_REQUEST" then
if _G.QueueStatusMinimapButton:IsShown() then return end -- Prevent losing que inside LFD if someone invites you to group
if IsInGroup() then return end
hideStatic = true
if BNGetGameAccountInfoByGUID(inviterGUID) or IsGuildMember(inviterGUID) then
-- Prevent losing que inside LFD if someone invites you to group
if _G.QueueStatusMinimapButton:IsShown() or IsInGroup() then return end
if BNGetGameAccountInfoByGUID(inviterGUID) or IsCharacterFriend(inviterGUID) or IsGuildMember(inviterGUID) then
hideStatic = true
elseif event == "GROUP_ROSTER_UPDATE" and hideStatic == true then
elseif event == "GROUP_ROSTER_UPDATE" and hideStatic then
StaticPopupSpecial_Hide(_G.LFGInvitePopup) --New LFD popup when invited in custom created group
hideStatic = false
hideStatic = nil
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