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### Version 12.14 [ ETA: 🍨 ]
### Version 12.15 [ ETA: 🍨 ]
### Version 12.14 [ November 23rd 2020 ]
Added Hide Keybind for each ActionBar, Pet, and Stance bar.
Corrected skinned Chat Bubble Backdrop level.
Fixed DT Currency Headers being goofy.
Fade Duration option for Map was fixed.
Fixed the Restore Bar button for ActionBars.
Gave ActionBars Count, HotKey, and Macro text color overrides (Thanks @Caedis).
The eyeball for group finder was still hiding. Should do a less hide now.
Fixed the BG Double status bar not skinning right.
Can open Encounter Journal with Smaller Map on.
Skinned Equipment Buttons (Thanks @Aftermathhqt).
Added Below and Above (Inside) options for chat editbox (Thanks @Cistara).
Adjusted the skin code to prevent possible errors from other addons involving backdrop not existing.
Updated all the Spell IDs we should need for Shadowlands dungeons and the first Raid.
World Quest Alert Frame will be skinned properly again.
Fixed up the Bag Bar skin code.
### Version 12.13 [ November 17th 2020 ]
**Early Message:**
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