Commit 07396fba authored by Simpy's avatar Simpy 🐹
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databars size

parent 35580ee1
......@@ -89,9 +89,9 @@ function DB:UpdateAll()
for _, bar in pairs(DB.StatusBars) do
bar.holder.db = bar.db
bar.holder:Size(bar.db.width, bar.db.height)
bar.holder:SetTemplate(DB.db.transparent and 'Transparent')
bar.holder:SetSize(bar.db.width, bar.db.height)
bar.holder:EnableMouse(not bar.db.clickThrough)
bar.holder:SetTemplate(DB.db.transparent and 'Transparent')
bar.text:FontTemplate(LSM:Fetch('font', bar.db.font), bar.db.fontSize, bar.db.fontOutline)
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