Commit 176fecb7 authored by Merathilis's avatar Merathilis
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Better german locale for Power Prediction.

parent 95557923
......@@ -1212,7 +1212,7 @@ L["Position"] = "Position"
L["Power text will be hidden on NPC targets, in addition the name text will be repositioned to the power texts anchor point."] = "Der Krafttext wird bei NPC-Zielen automatisch verborgen, zusätzlich wird der Namenstext relativ zu dem Energie/Mana-Ankerpunkt umpositioniert."
L["Power"] = "Kraft"
L["Powers"] = "Kräfte"
L["Power Prediction"] = "Kraft Vorhersage" -- probably really bad locale
L["Power Prediction"] = "Kraft Verbrauch"
L["Priority"] = "Priorität"
L["Profile Specific"] = "Profilspezifisch"
L["PvP & Prestige Icon"] = "PvP & Prestige Symbol"
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