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update oUF

~ thanks for reminding me Ls- <3
parent 60a5deb3
......@@ -903,7 +903,7 @@ Used to unregister a tag from a unit frame.
* fs - the font string holding the tag (FontString)
local function Untag(self, fs)
if(not fs) then return end
if(not fs or not self.__tags) then return end
for _, timers in next, eventlessUnits do
......@@ -682,7 +682,7 @@ Used to create a single unit frame and apply the currently active style to it.
oUF implements some of its own attributes. These can be supplied by the layout, but are optional.
* oUF-enableArenaPrep - can be used to toggle arena prep support (boolean, enabled by default)
* oUF-enableArenaPrep - can be used to toggle arena prep support. Defaults to true (boolean)
function oUF:Spawn(unit, overrideName, overrideTemplate) -- ElvUI adds overrideTemplate
argcheck(unit, 2, 'string')
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