Commit 643d0092 authored by Elv's avatar Elv
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parent 917dc74d
...@@ -12,8 +12,15 @@ local function OnMouseDown(self, button) ...@@ -12,8 +12,15 @@ local function OnMouseDown(self, button)
if button == "RightButton" then if button == "RightButton" then
E:GetModule("Chat"):SetChatEditBoxMessage(string) E:GetModule("Chat"):SetChatEditBoxMessage(string)
elseif button == "MiddleButton" then elseif button == "MiddleButton" then
_G.FRAME = self:GetParent():GetAttributeData().rawValue local rawData = self:GetParent():GetAttributeData().rawValue
E:Print("_G.FRAME set to: ", string)
if rawData:GetObjectType() == "Texture" then
_G.TEX = rawData
E:Print("_G.TEX set to: ", string)
_G.FRAME = rawData
E:Print("_G.FRAME set to: ", string)
else else
_G.TableAttributeDisplayValueButton_OnMouseDown(self) _G.TableAttributeDisplayValueButton_OnMouseDown(self)
end end
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