Commit 8aea3a47 authored by Simpy's avatar Simpy 🐹

the tt setspell thing was weird, clean it up

parent 38188da6
...@@ -693,22 +693,13 @@ function TT:SetUnitAura(tt, unit, index, filter) ...@@ -693,22 +693,13 @@ function TT:SetUnitAura(tt, unit, index, filter)
end end
function TT:GameTooltip_OnTooltipSetSpell(tt) function TT:GameTooltip_OnTooltipSetSpell(tt)
if tt:IsForbidden() then return end if tt:IsForbidden() or not TT:IsModKeyDown() then return end
local id = select(2, tt:GetSpell())
if id and TT:IsModKeyDown() then
local displayString = format("|cFFCA3C3C%s|r %d", _G.ID, id)
for i = 1, tt:NumLines() do local _, id = tt:GetSpell()
local line = _G[format("GameTooltipTextLeft%d", i)] if not id then return end
local text = line and line.GetText and line:GetText()
if text and strfind(text, displayString) then
tt:AddLine(displayString) tt:AddLine(format("|cFFCA3C3C%s|r %d", _G.ID, id))
tt:Show() tt:Show()
end end
function TT:SetItemRef(link) function TT:SetItemRef(link)
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