Commit 9e1b510c authored by Merathilis's avatar Merathilis


parent fdb086bb
......@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ Added skin for RaidProfiles New Profile Popup.
[Style Filter] Added Triggers- Threat conditions, New Casting (or not Casting; or Casting:NotSpell) triggers, Key Modifiers, and Target: Require Target (used in ElvUI_NonTarget).
[Style Filter] Added Default Filters- ElvUI_NonTarget, ElvUI_Target, ElvUI_Boss, and ElvUI_Explosives. (Note: NonTarget is used to replace the NonTarget Alpha option and Target is used to replace the Target Scale option. The other two have had their names updated, so if you changed settings of them (Boss or Explosives), you can go ahead and delete them yourself now).
Added option to desaturate grey items in bags. (#1305)
Added World Latency to our System Datatext.
**Bug Fixes:**
Fixed Nameplate Stagger texture.
......@@ -49,6 +50,7 @@ The Bag Bar and Vendor Greys tabs are now again available if the All In One Bag
[Style Filter] Fixed Static Player Nameplate to no longer taint from filters.
[Style Filter] Cleaned a decent amount of the trigger condition check code with the help of @wing5wong.
Add shadow instead flash texture for StaticPopup buttons (Thanks @Bunny67)
Added a Header to our Datatexts.
### Version 11.10 [ April 9th 2019 ]
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