Commit bac89760 authored by Azilroka's avatar Azilroka
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Bag Cleanup

parent a02bc998
......@@ -2085,16 +2085,6 @@ end
local GuildItemSearchBox = _G.GuildItemSearchBox
local button = CreateFrame('Button', 'GuildSortButton', GuildBankFrame, 'UIPanelButtonTemplate, BackdropTemplate')
button:SetTemplate(nil, true)
button:Size(110, 20)
button:Point('RIGHT', GuildItemSearchBox, 'LEFT', -4, 0)
button:SetText(L["Sort Tab"])
button:SetScript('OnClick', function() B:CommandDecorator(B.SortBags, 'guild')() end)
E.Skins:HandleButton(button, true)
if GuildItemSearchBox then
GuildItemSearchBox:SetScript('OnEscapePressed', B.ResetAndClear)
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