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bump cl

parent fbd9421d
......@@ -34,6 +34,8 @@ Fixed some Nameplate CVar issues.
[Lag Fix] Tweak our oUF_Fader slightly and recoded the UIFrameFade to solve various CPU lags with UpdateRange.
[Lag Fix] Removed a spammy event (UNIT_AURA) from the PetBar as this was causing it to execute far more than needed.
[Lag Fix] Reworked how we send calls to the UpdateAuraCooldownPosition functions and on NamePlate Auras to save on CPU time.
[Lag Fix] Stopped code execution of some functions when our interrupt announce or nameplate auras have been disabled.
[Lag Fix] We believe we have finally resolved the preformance degrade/reaping issue, which was caused from the texts on UnitFrame and NamePlates causing a code stack which eventually would drain FPS.
**Misc. Changes:**
Unitframe Status Bars will now sync their textures onto the background space when not using transparent.
......@@ -51,6 +53,7 @@ The Bag Bar and Vendor Greys tabs are now again available if the All In One Bag
[Style Filter] Cleaned a decent amount of the trigger condition check code with the help of @wing5wong.
Add shadow instead flash texture for StaticPopup buttons (Thanks @Bunny67)
Added a Header to our Datatexts.
Fixed an issue and garbage leak with the plugin version checker.
### Version 11.10 [ April 9th 2019 ]
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