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<Ui xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="
<Script file="AceAddon-3.0.lua"/>
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--- **AceComm-3.0** allows you to send messages of unlimited length over the addon comm channels.
-- It'll automatically split the messages into multiple parts and rebuild them on the receiving end.\\
-- **ChatThrottleLib** is of course being used to avoid being disconnected by the server.
-- **AceComm-3.0** can be embeded into your addon, either explicitly by calling AceComm:Embed(MyAddon) or by
-- specifying it as an embeded library in your AceAddon. All functions will be available on your addon object
-- and can be accessed directly, without having to explicitly call AceComm itself.\\
-- It is recommended to embed AceComm, otherwise you'll have to specify a custom `self` on all calls you
-- make into AceComm.
-- @class file
-- @name AceComm-3.0
-- @release $Id: AceComm-3.0.lua 1107 2014-02-19 16:40:32Z nevcairiel $
--[[ AceComm-3.0
TODO: Time out old data rotting around from dead senders? Not a HUGE deal since the number of possible sender names is somewhat limited.
local MAJOR, MINOR = "AceComm-3.0", 9
local AceComm,oldminor = LibStub:NewLibrary(MAJOR, MINOR)
if not AceComm then return end
local CallbackHandler = LibStub:GetLibrary("CallbackHandler-1.0")
local CTL = assert(ChatThrottleLib, "AceComm-3.0 requires ChatThrottleLib")
-- Lua APIs
local type, next, pairs, tostring = type, next, pairs, tostring
local strsub, strfind = string.sub, string.find
local match = string.match
local tinsert, tconcat = table.insert, table.concat
local error, assert = error, assert
-- WoW APIs
local Ambiguate = Ambiguate
-- Global vars/functions that we don't upvalue since they might get hooked, or upgraded
-- List them here for Mikk's FindGlobals script
-- GLOBALS: LibStub, DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME, geterrorhandler, RegisterAddonMessagePrefix
AceComm.embeds = AceComm.embeds or {}
-- for my sanity and yours, let's give the message type bytes some names
local MSG_MULTI_FIRST = "\001"
local MSG_MULTI_NEXT = "\002"
local MSG_MULTI_LAST = "\003"
local MSG_ESCAPE = "\004"
-- remove old structures (pre WoW 4.0)
AceComm.multipart_origprefixes = nil
AceComm.multipart_reassemblers = nil
-- the multipart message spool: indexed by a combination of sender+distribution+
AceComm.multipart_spool = AceComm.multipart_spool or {}
--- Register for Addon Traffic on a specified prefix
-- @param prefix A printable character (\032-\255) classification of the message (typically AddonName or AddonNameEvent), max 16 characters
-- @param method Callback to call on message reception: Function reference, or method name (string) to call on self. Defaults to "OnCommReceived"
function AceComm:RegisterComm(prefix, method)
if method == nil then
method = "OnCommReceived"
if #prefix > 16 then -- TODO: 15?
error("AceComm:RegisterComm(prefix,method): prefix length is limited to 16 characters")
return AceComm._RegisterComm(self, prefix, method) -- created by CallbackHandler
local warnedPrefix=false
--- Send a message over the Addon Channel
-- @param prefix A printable character (\032-\255) classification of the message (typically AddonName or AddonNameEvent)
-- @param text Data to send, nils (\000) not allowed. Any length.
-- @param distribution Addon channel, e.g. "RAID", "GUILD", etc; see SendAddonMessage API
-- @param target Destination for some distributions; see SendAddonMessage API
-- @param prio OPTIONAL: ChatThrottleLib priority, "BULK", "NORMAL" or "ALERT". Defaults to "NORMAL".
-- @param callbackFn OPTIONAL: callback function to be called as each chunk is sent. receives 3 args: the user supplied arg (see next), the number of bytes sent so far, and the number of bytes total to send.
-- @param callbackArg: OPTIONAL: first arg to the callback function. nil will be passed if not specified.
function AceComm:SendCommMessage(prefix, text, distribution, target, prio, callbackFn, callbackArg)
prio = prio or "NORMAL" -- pasta's reference implementation had different prio for singlepart and multipart, but that's a very bad idea since that can easily lead to out-of-sequence delivery!
if not( type(prefix)=="string" and
type(text)=="string" and
type(distribution)=="string" and
(target==nil or type(target)=="string") and
(prio=="BULK" or prio=="NORMAL" or prio=="ALERT")
) then
error('Usage: SendCommMessage(addon, "prefix", "text", "distribution"[, "target"[, "prio"[, callbackFn, callbackarg]]])', 2)
local textlen = #text
local maxtextlen = 255 -- Yes, the max is 255 even if the dev post said 256. I tested. Char 256+ get silently truncated. /Mikk, 20110327
local queueName = prefix..distribution..(target or "")
local ctlCallback = nil
if callbackFn then
ctlCallback = function(sent)
return callbackFn(callbackArg, sent, textlen)
local forceMultipart
if match(text, "^[\001-\009]") then -- 4.1+: see if the first character is a control character
-- we need to escape the first character with a \004
if textlen+1 > maxtextlen then -- would we go over the size limit?
forceMultipart = true -- just make it multipart, no escape problems then
text = "\004" .. text
if not forceMultipart and textlen <= maxtextlen then
-- fits all in one message
CTL:SendAddonMessage(prio, prefix, text, distribution, target, queueName, ctlCallback, textlen)
maxtextlen = maxtextlen - 1 -- 1 extra byte for part indicator in prefix(4.0)/start of message(4.1)
-- first part
local chunk = strsub(text, 1, maxtextlen)
CTL:SendAddonMessage(prio, prefix, MSG_MULTI_FIRST..chunk, distribution, target, queueName, ctlCallback, maxtextlen)
-- continuation
local pos = 1+maxtextlen
while pos+maxtextlen <= textlen do
chunk = strsub(text, pos, pos+maxtextlen-1)
CTL:SendAddonMessage(prio, prefix, MSG_MULTI_NEXT..chunk, distribution, target, queueName, ctlCallback, pos+maxtextlen-1)
pos = pos + maxtextlen
-- final part
chunk = strsub(text, pos)
CTL:SendAddonMessage(prio, prefix, MSG_MULTI_LAST..chunk, distribution, target, queueName, ctlCallback, textlen)
-- Message receiving
local compost = setmetatable({}, {__mode = "k"})
local function new()
local t = next(compost)
if t then
for i=#t,3,-1 do -- faster than pairs loop. don't even nil out 1/2 since they'll be overwritten
return t
return {}
local function lostdatawarning(prefix,sender,where)
DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(MAJOR..": Warning: lost network data regarding '"..tostring(prefix).."' from '"..tostring(sender).."' (in "..where..")")
function AceComm:OnReceiveMultipartFirst(prefix, message, distribution, sender)
local key = prefix.."\t"..distribution.."\t"..sender -- a unique stream is defined by the prefix + distribution + sender
local spool = AceComm.multipart_spool
if spool[key] then
-- continue and overwrite
spool[key] = message -- plain string for now
function AceComm:OnReceiveMultipartNext(prefix, message, distribution, sender)
local key = prefix.."\t"..distribution.."\t"..sender -- a unique stream is defined by the prefix + distribution + sender
local spool = AceComm.multipart_spool
local olddata = spool[key]
if not olddata then
if type(olddata)~="table" then
-- ... but what we have is not a table. So make it one. (Pull a composted one if available)
local t = new()
t[1] = olddata -- add old data as first string
t[2] = message -- and new message as second string
spool[key] = t -- and put the table in the spool instead of the old string
tinsert(olddata, message)
function AceComm:OnReceiveMultipartLast(prefix, message, distribution, sender)
local key = prefix.."\t"..distribution.."\t"..sender -- a unique stream is defined by the prefix + distribution + sender
local spool = AceComm.multipart_spool
local olddata = spool[key]
if not olddata then
spool[key] = nil
if type(olddata) == "table" then
-- if we've received a "next", the spooled data will be a table for rapid & garbage-free tconcat
tinsert(olddata, message)
AceComm.callbacks:Fire(prefix, tconcat(olddata, ""), distribution, sender)
compost[olddata] = true
-- if we've only received a "first", the spooled data will still only be a string
AceComm.callbacks:Fire(prefix, olddata..message, distribution, sender)
-- Embed CallbackHandler
if not AceComm.callbacks then
AceComm.callbacks = CallbackHandler:New(AceComm,
AceComm.callbacks.OnUsed = nil
AceComm.callbacks.OnUnused = nil
local function OnEvent(self, event, prefix, message, distribution, sender)
if event == "CHAT_MSG_ADDON" then
sender = Ambiguate(sender, "none")
local control, rest = match(message, "^([\001-\009])(.*)")
if control then
if control==MSG_MULTI_FIRST then
AceComm:OnReceiveMultipartFirst(prefix, rest, distribution, sender)
elseif control==MSG_MULTI_NEXT then
AceComm:OnReceiveMultipartNext(prefix, rest, distribution, sender)
elseif control==MSG_MULTI_LAST then
AceComm:OnReceiveMultipartLast(prefix, rest, distribution, sender)
elseif control==MSG_ESCAPE then
AceComm.callbacks:Fire(prefix, rest, distribution, sender)
-- unknown control character, ignore SILENTLY (dont warn unnecessarily about future extensions!)
-- single part: fire it off immediately and let CallbackHandler decide if it's registered or not
AceComm.callbacks:Fire(prefix, message, distribution, sender)
assert(false, "Received "..tostring(event).." event?!")
AceComm.frame = AceComm.frame or CreateFrame("Frame", "AceComm30Frame")
AceComm.frame:SetScript("OnEvent", OnEvent)
-- Base library stuff
local mixins = {
-- Embeds AceComm-3.0 into the target object making the functions from the mixins list available on target:..
-- @param target target object to embed AceComm-3.0 in
function AceComm:Embed(target)
for k, v in pairs(mixins) do
target[v] = self[v]
self.embeds[target] = true
return target
function AceComm:OnEmbedDisable(target)
-- Update embeds
for target, v in pairs(AceComm.embeds) do
<Ui xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="
<Script file="ChatThrottleLib.lua"/>
<Script file="AceComm-3.0.lua"/>
\ No newline at end of file
-- ChatThrottleLib by Mikk
-- Manages AddOn chat output to keep player from getting kicked off.
-- ChatThrottleLib:SendChatMessage/:SendAddonMessage functions that accept
-- a Priority ("BULK", "NORMAL", "ALERT") as well as prefix for SendChatMessage.
-- Priorities get an equal share of available bandwidth when fully loaded.
-- Communication channels are separated on extension+chattype+destination and
-- get round-robinned. (Destination only matters for whispers and channels,
-- obviously)
-- Will install hooks for SendChatMessage and SendAddonMessage to measure
-- bandwidth bypassing the library and use less bandwidth itself.
-- Fully embeddable library. Just copy this file into your addon directory,
-- add it to the .toc, and it's done.
-- Can run as a standalone addon also, but, really, just embed it! :-)
-- LICENSE: ChatThrottleLib is released into the Public Domain
local CTL_VERSION = 23
local _G = _G
if _G.ChatThrottleLib then
if _G.ChatThrottleLib.version >= CTL_VERSION then
-- There's already a newer (or same) version loaded. Buh-bye.
elseif not _G.ChatThrottleLib.securelyHooked then
print("ChatThrottleLib: Warning: There's an ANCIENT ChatThrottleLib.lua (pre-wow 2.0, <v16) in an addon somewhere. Get the addon updated or copy in a newer ChatThrottleLib.lua (>=v16) in it!")
-- ATTEMPT to unhook; this'll behave badly if someone else has hooked...
-- ... and if someone has securehooked, they can kiss that goodbye too... >.<
_G.SendChatMessage = _G.ChatThrottleLib.ORIG_SendChatMessage
if _G.ChatThrottleLib.ORIG_SendAddonMessage then
_G.SendAddonMessage = _G.ChatThrottleLib.ORIG_SendAddonMessage
_G.ChatThrottleLib.ORIG_SendChatMessage = nil
_G.ChatThrottleLib.ORIG_SendAddonMessage = nil
if not _G.ChatThrottleLib then
_G.ChatThrottleLib = {}
ChatThrottleLib = _G.ChatThrottleLib -- in case some addon does "local ChatThrottleLib" above us and we're copypasted (AceComm-2, sigh)
local ChatThrottleLib = _G.ChatThrottleLib
ChatThrottleLib.version = CTL_VERSION
------------------ TWEAKABLES -----------------
ChatThrottleLib.MAX_CPS = 800 -- 2000 seems to be safe if NOTHING ELSE is happening. let's call it 800.
ChatThrottleLib.MSG_OVERHEAD = 40 -- Guesstimate overhead for sending a message; source+dest+chattype+protocolstuff
ChatThrottleLib.BURST = 4000 -- WoW's server buffer seems to be about 32KB. 8KB should be safe, but seen disconnects on _some_ servers. Using 4KB now.
ChatThrottleLib.MIN_FPS = 20 -- Reduce output CPS to half (and don't burst) if FPS drops below this value
local setmetatable = setmetatable
local table_remove = table.remove
local tostring = tostring
local GetTime = GetTime
local math_min = math.min
local math_max = math.max
local next = next
local strlen = string.len
local GetFramerate = GetFramerate
local strlower = string.lower
local unpack,type,pairs,wipe = unpack,type,pairs,wipe
local UnitInRaid,UnitInParty = UnitInRaid,UnitInParty
-- Double-linked ring implementation
local Ring = {}
local RingMeta = { __index = Ring }
function Ring:New()
local ret = {}
setmetatable(ret, RingMeta)
return ret
function Ring:Add(obj) -- Append at the "far end" of the ring (aka just before the current position)
if self.pos then
obj.prev = self.pos.prev = obj = self.pos = obj
else = obj
obj.prev = obj
self.pos = obj
function Ring:Remove(obj) = obj.prev =
if self.pos == obj then
self.pos =
if self.pos == obj then
self.pos = nil
-- Recycling bin for pipes
-- A pipe is a plain integer-indexed queue of messages
-- Pipes normally live in Rings of pipes (3 rings total, one per priority)
ChatThrottleLib.PipeBin = nil -- pre-v19, drastically different
local PipeBin = setmetatable({}, {__mode="k"})
local function DelPipe(pipe)
PipeBin[pipe] = true
local function NewPipe()
local pipe = next(PipeBin)
if pipe then
PipeBin[pipe] = nil
return pipe
return {}
-- Recycling bin for messages
ChatThrottleLib.MsgBin = nil -- pre-v19, drastically different
local MsgBin = setmetatable({}, {__mode="k"})
local function DelMsg(msg)
msg[1] = nil
-- there's more parameters, but they're very repetetive so the string pool doesn't suffer really, and it's faster to just not delete them.
MsgBin[msg] = true
local function NewMsg()
local msg = next(MsgBin)
if msg then
MsgBin[msg] = nil
return msg
return {}
-- ChatThrottleLib:Init
-- Initialize queues, set up frame for OnUpdate, etc
function ChatThrottleLib:Init()
-- Set up queues
if not self.Prio then
self.Prio = {}
self.Prio["ALERT"] = { ByName = {}, Ring = Ring:New(), avail = 0 }
self.Prio["NORMAL"] = { ByName = {}, Ring = Ring:New(), avail = 0 }
self.Prio["BULK"] = { ByName = {}, Ring = Ring:New(), avail = 0 }
-- v4: total send counters per priority
for _, Prio in pairs(self.Prio) do
Prio.nTotalSent = Prio.nTotalSent or 0
if not self.avail then
self.avail = 0 -- v5
if not self.nTotalSent then
self.nTotalSent = 0 -- v5
-- Set up a frame to get OnUpdate events
if not self.Frame then
self.Frame = CreateFrame("Frame")
self.Frame:SetScript("OnUpdate", self.OnUpdate)
self.Frame:SetScript("OnEvent", self.OnEvent) -- v11: Monitor P_E_W so we can throttle hard for a few seconds