Commit f4788204 authored by Caedis's avatar Caedis
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Muted Master Vol = all red

parent e2a19f01
......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ local function GetStatusColor(vol, text)
text = vol.Name
return format('|cFF%s%s|r',(getCV(vol.CVs.Volume) == '0' or not vol.Enabled) and 'FF0000' or '00FF00', text)
return format('|cFF%s%s|r',(getCV(volumeCVars[1].CVs.Enabled) == '0' or getCV(vol.CVs.Volume) == '0' or not vol.Enabled) and 'FF0000' or '00FF00', text)
local function OnEnter(self)
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