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update ace3

parent 6a80843e
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@
-- @name AceAddon-3.0.lua
-- @release $Id$
local MAJOR, MINOR = "AceAddon-3.0", 12
local MAJOR, MINOR = "AceAddon-3.0", 13
local AceAddon, oldminor = LibStub:NewLibrary(MAJOR, MINOR)
if not AceAddon then return end -- No Upgrade needed.
......@@ -601,10 +601,20 @@ function AceAddon:IterateAddonStatus() return pairs(self.statuses) end
function AceAddon:IterateEmbedsOnAddon(addon) return pairs(self.embeds[addon]) end
function AceAddon:IterateModulesOfAddon(addon) return pairs(addon.modules) end
-- Blizzard AddOns which can load very early in the loading process and mess with Ace3 addon loading
local BlizzardEarlyLoadAddons = {
Blizzard_DebugTools = true,
Blizzard_TimeManager = true,
Blizzard_BattlefieldMap = true,
Blizzard_MapCanvas = true,
Blizzard_SharedMapDataProviders = true,
Blizzard_CombatLog = true,
-- Event Handling
local function onEvent(this, event, arg1)
-- 2011-08-17 nevcairiel - ignore the load event of Blizzard_DebugTools, so a potential startup error isn't swallowed up
if (event == "ADDON_LOADED" and arg1 ~= "Blizzard_DebugTools") or event == "PLAYER_LOGIN" then
-- 2020-08-28 nevcairiel - ignore the load event of Blizzard addons which occur early in the loading process
if (event == "ADDON_LOADED" and (arg1 == nil or not BlizzardEarlyLoadAddons[arg1])) or event == "PLAYER_LOGIN" then
-- if a addon loads another addon, recursion could happen here, so we need to validate the table on every iteration
while(#AceAddon.initializequeue > 0) do
local addon = tremove(AceAddon.initializequeue, 1)
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