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try this mera

parent c0881083
......@@ -77,12 +77,14 @@ function BI:CheckVisibility(bagFrame, bagID, slotID)
local text = str and str:GetText()
if not text or text == '' then return end
-- if text:find(EQUIPMENT_SETS) then
-- print(text)
-- end
local test = E:StripString(EQUIPMENT_SETS)
-- print(test)
if text:find(test:gsub('%%s','.-')) then
local equip = E:StripString(EQUIPMENT_SETS)
equip = equip:gsub('%%s', '')
if text:find(equip) then
SLE:Print(text, 'error')
-- if text:find(EQUIPMENT_SETS:gsub('%%s','.-')) then
if text:find(equip) then
show = true
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