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v4.09 [October ??, 2020]
v4.09 [November 1, 2020]
- Enhanced Shadows have been rewritten and if you use ProjectAzilroka, you will need to be using 1.73 or higher to be compatible!
- SubZone text offset seems to behave better now
- Fixed (for the most part) armory mode inspect when mousing over the transmog indicator not showing a tooltip of the appearence item
- Fixed not able to ctrl+left click to view inspected unit's transmog on yourself
- Fixed not able to shit+left click the inspected unit's transmog indicator to post in chat
- Fixed some errors upon switching profiles with spec switching
- Old option for pet level in bag section as the functionality was removed but the option was forgotten
- Removed obsolete option to change editbox text size due to ElvUI changes
......@@ -12,6 +16,7 @@ Changes:
- Misc code formatting & clean up
- Updated Enhanced Shadows and no settings besides the shadow color is transfered over.
- Enhanced Shadows now has the ability to add a shadow to a custom datatext
- Changed how shadows were applied to the micro bar since it has a new backdrop option in ElvUI
- Added ElvUI's Bottom Panel to Enhanced Shadows options
- Added ElvUI's Top Panel to Enhanced Shadows options
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