Verified Commit 2dee0c48 authored by Repooc's avatar Repooc
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fix my mistake on movers for blizz frames

parent 6b82cace
......@@ -290,6 +290,14 @@ function B:MakeMovable(Name, AddOn)
function B:Addons(event, addon)
if addon == 'Blizzard_TalkingHeadUI' then
hooksecurefunc('TalkingHeadFrame_PlayCurrent', function()
-- -- SLE:Print('TalkingHead Frame initilized PlayCurrent')
if E.db.sle.skins.talkinghead.hide then
if not B.AddonsList[addon] then return end
if type(B.AddonsList[addon]) == 'table' then
for FrameName, state in pairs(B.AddonsList[addon]) do
......@@ -350,7 +358,6 @@ function B:Initialize()
self:RegisterEvent('ADDON_LOADED', 'Addons')
self:RegisterEvent('ADDON_LOADED', 'BlizzTest')
-- Check Forced Loaded AddOns
for AddOn, Table in pairs(B.AddonsList) do
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