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lock followed every tab instead of just the character tab instead

parent bfbe0af9
......@@ -348,7 +348,7 @@ EM.Equip = Equip
--Creating a lock button. Prevents gear from auto equip
function EM:CreateLock()
if _G.SLE_Equip_Lock_Button or not EM.db.lockbutton then return end
local button = CreateFrame('Button', 'SLE_Equip_Lock_Button', _G.CharacterFrame)
local button = CreateFrame('Button', 'SLE_Equip_Lock_Button', _G.PaperDollFrame)
button:Size(20, 20)
button:Point('BOTTOMLEFT', _G.CharacterFrame, 'BOTTOMLEFT', 4, 4)
button:SetFrameLevel(_G.CharacterModelFrame:GetFrameLevel() + 2)
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