Verified Commit 7c96b39b authored by Repooc's avatar Repooc
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fixed leaking something into global

parent 98339a81
......@@ -107,9 +107,8 @@ function DB:PopulateHonorStrings()
AwardPattern = T.rgsub(COMBATLOG_HONORAWARD, unpack(symbols))
function DB:FilterHonor(event, message, ...)
local name, rank, honor
if DB.db.honor.chatfilter.enable then
function DB:FilterHonor(_, message, ...)
local name, rank, honor, bonus
if E.db.sle.databars.honor.chatfilter.enable then
for i, v in ipairs(DB.Honor.Strings) do
name, rank, honor, bonus = strmatch(message,DB.Honor.Strings[i])
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