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amed previous lol

parent bc89e11c
......@@ -355,12 +355,12 @@ function ENH:ToggleDTShadows()
if frame and frame.enhshadow then
local show
if E.db.datatexts.panels[name] and E.db.datatexts.panels[name].backdrop then
show = ENH.db.datatexts.panels[name].backdrop and E.db.datatexts.panels[name].backdrop
show = E.db.sle.shadows.datatexts.panels[name].backdrop and E.db.datatexts.panels[name].backdrop
-- print('1', name..': ', show)
if[name] and[name].backdrop then
show = ENH.db.datatexts.panels[name].backdrop and[name].backdrop
show = E.db.sle.shadows.datatexts.panels[name].backdrop and[name].backdrop
-- print('2', name..': ', show)
-- if[name] then
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