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Changelog update

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v4.19 [January X, 2021]
- Bags - Equipement Set Indicator default is now a lock
- Bags - Equipement Set Indicator: was rewritten to execute faster in hopes to avoid extra long load times to cause some time outs
- Location Panel: Fixed lua error when you do not have your hearth stone in your inventory
- Professions - Deconstruct Mode: Fixed lua error if you clicked the icon in your bags and didn't disable it before mousing over an item link like in chat
- Enhanced Shadows: Fixed the module not respecting if enabled or disabled via the global enable checkbox (mainly unitframes were effected)
- Skins - Merchant Frame: Fixed some buggy colors and such
- Equipement Manager - Block Button: Edited the button to not follow the other tabs like rep and currency
- S&L Currency Datatext: Added value of grays in bags
- S&L Currency Datatext: Added value of anima in bags
- Tooltip - Raid Progression: Added Castle Nathria (LFR Inidication broken atm)
- Equipement Manager: Added [warmode] as an option
- Blizzard - Moveable Blizzard frames now support Covenant Mission Frame
- Professions - Deconstruct Mode: Added new enchant quest item
- Location Panel: Added Sinstone
- Location Panel: Added Cypher of Relocation
- Armory Mode - Enchant String: Added ability to have strict matching which will match the whole string you set as original and replace it
- Removed the ability to set elvui actionbar button spacing to -4 as Darth nor I use it
v4.18 [December 7, 2020]
- Fix Rectangle Minimap in Torghast
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