Commit 618144f7 authored by Azilroka's avatar Azilroka
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DT: Time - Torghast Header Shown Once

parent e9514594
......@@ -302,11 +302,15 @@ local function OnEnter()
if TorghastInfo and C_QuestLog_IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(60136) then
local torghastHeader
for _, value in pairs(TorghastWidgets) do
local nameInfo = C_UIWidgetManager_GetTextWithStateWidgetVisualizationInfo(value.nameID)
if nameInfo and nameInfo.shownState == 1 then
DT.tooltip:AddLine(' ')
if not torghastHeader then
DT.tooltip:AddLine(' ')
torghastHeader = true
local nameText = CleanupLevelName(nameInfo.text)
local levelInfo = C_UIWidgetManager_GetTextWithStateWidgetVisualizationInfo(value.levelID)
local levelText = levelInfo and CleanupLevelName(levelInfo.text) or UNKNOWN
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